Friday, January 2, 2009

With bronchitis ...

... in both children. (And, said our GP, if I’m not careful, in me, too.)

And then I lost $80, just ... oh, somewhere on the street. Although I seem not to have shed the thin layer of morosity coating my outlook just right now. (I will say quick prayers of thanks for antibiotics, universal health care, and the fact that we actually have a GP, and that she will see us on short notice.)

And how is 2009 treating you?


  1. Kinda like that, although it was better, today.

    Thoughts and prayers for you and yours, here, now, always.

  2. Man, that's a rough start! That bronchitis is nasty stuff--prayers that the rest of you don't get it as well. And losing $80 is so totally something I would do...seems neither organization or luck are my strong suits. Here's hoping that after breaking you in right away, 2009 will be much nicer to you from here on out!
    (And thanks for visiting my blog. So nice to meet new friends!)